Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day - Chapter 2: The Good Stuff (or, Heartswells)

Saturday Morning, 4 AM:
Asher cries out from his room. It's the "I'm having a nightmare" wail.
I squint at my clock and notice that it's much too early for us to Wake Up.
Asher's continued cries of anguish tell me that, although that may be true, he's not Going Back to Sleep.
I trudge into his room, retrieve the troubled boy. My agenda is to bring him to my bed and hope (against hope) that he snoozes, or at least lays quietly, next to me for at least another hour.

I whisper, "You have to be quiet like a mouse."
He solemnly holds an index finger to his lips and says, "Shhh." Understood.
I slide him into bed, then follow. He rolls toward me. Places chubby hands on my cheeks. Plants a big kiss. Exclaims, "Muah!" Heartswell. We both drift off.

Saturday Morning, 6 AM:
I rouse from sleep. Asher is rousing as well. Seeing my eyes opening, he grins. Heartswell #2.

Saturday Morning, 6:05 AM:
Asher surveys our kitchen. Extends his hands, palm up, elbows drawn in. Looks at me, confused. "Cake?"
So, off to the grocery we go.
To get cake for the boy, and the sacred Cream Filled Chocolate Frosted donut for Ima.
And Starbucks Coffee.
It's Mother's Day Weekend, y'all. We're going to enjoy it.

Saturday Afternoon, 3:00 PM:
Following a delish Shabbat lunch with the Buckeyes, Rami and I head upstairs for our Shabbos Schluffie.
As I am arriving at the edge of sleep, Rami fusses in his crib. Yes. He is unhappy, and just wants to make sure I'm aware of the fact. I can't nap with that in the background.
I trudge over to his crib, retrieve the cranky boy. I slide him into bed, then follow. He inclines his head toward mine, nuzzles his chubby cheek next to my nose. Sighs contentedly, smiles the Rami trademark smile. Heartswell #3.

Saturday Afternoon, 4:15 PM:
I awaken to see this. Heartswell #4.

Sunday morning, 6:30 AM:
David says that, this morning, we will do whatever I want.
I glance outside. The sun is coming out. It carries the promise of a delicious, golden light in about an hour.
I tell him I want to take pictures of the guys. At the wetlands park. Maybe, I will make it into the frame once or twice.
(This means that everyone needs to get gussied up and packed in the car in the next forty-five minutes. With two bleary-eyed, snot-nosed, pajama clad boys, this task is not for the faint of heart.)
David nods, agreeing without pause. Heartswell #5.

(Yes, I did make it into the frame a few times, thanks for asking. But that's for "Mother's Day -Epilogue.")

Sunday, 1:00 PM:
Asher naps. Rami and I wander outside, seeking a distraction as we await the arrival of our Mother's Day Picnic company.
I notice the gorgeous sky above and the lush grass below.
Cloud-watching? Why not?
Rami, who normally kicks, rolls, and yells when placed on the floor,
lets his arms and legs relax when placed in the grass.
He is the picture of serenity. His face is calmly attentive.
I spread out alongside him in the grass, trying to take in whatever his eyes see.
He is so beautiful. Heartswell #6.

Sunday, 1:15 PM:
Our guests arrive. Savta enjoys a moment to greet Rami. Heartswell #7.

Sunday, 2:05 PM:
Despite the gorgeous day, we have the park to ourselves.
Asher relishes in the playground and I recline while eating egg salad on
All Butter Croissants (I cannot emphasize that enough.)

Heartswells #8 &9.

Sunday, 8:45 PM:
David and I relax together over a dinner he made and wine he poured.
He starts to tell me what a wonderful Ima I am.
That he appreciates how much I do for our family.
That I make the best little boys.
I look into his gorgeous chocolate eyes and realize that I am looking into the same eyes that Rami will have, sooner than I can believe. Heartswell #10.
David rubs my feet, and doesn't mind that I'm drifting off to sleep already.

As you can see, the Good Stuff and not the Stuff, is what really made Mother's Day Weekend.
(And yes, I have noticed that pretty much all the Good Stuff involves eating or sleeping.)

Thank you, Mom, Dad, Steve, and Al.
Thank you, boys.
Thank you, David.
(You make the food worth eating and the naps worth taking.)


Loving Logie said...

How Sweet :)
Justin always teases me because I tend to make birthdays and mothers day last longer than a day, glad to see I'm not the only one :)

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