Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dining Al Fresco, Toddler Style

Weekends can be rough here at the Little House;
Parents want to spend maximum Quality Time with boys.
Naps are sometimes (read: often) missed.
Some days, you can even witness things getting hairier by the hour.

Today was one such day.
Dinnertime rolled around and our nap-deprived Ashi was more highly strung than a Jack Russell terrier bouncing against the gate before a field trial.
My announcement of "Dinnertime!" was countered with Ashi's near-constant refrain,

"You want to eat outside?"


Recognizing that this may be the only way to get some dinner in the boy's belly, I set up to feed the boys on the front porch.

Asher wanted to share some of his yogurt with Rami.

Asher thought the resulting oozing was hilarious. Rami agreed.

Following the celebratory flinging of the yogurt, Rami was a mess, and Ashi still hadn't eaten dinner.

Boys 2, Ima 0.
Oh, well. There's always tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I love watching Ashi and Rami laugh with one another :) they are so adorable when they get each other laughing. It is awesome to be able to start to see them acknowledge one another and play with one another. Love, Auntie Al

Phyllis Sommer said...

we had lunch outside this week too. makes for a much better day...even if they don't eat quite as much. :-)

Ima said...

On behalf of Arad, I have to say, you made my day! Boys 2, Ima 0, Arad 1.

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