Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day - Chapter 1: The Stuff

Last year I said all I wanted from Ashi was something he made for me.
I didn't think I meant it.
(Yes, of course I did want something Ashi made, but also:
dozens of roses, diamond earrings, singing telegrams, etc. etc.
Hey, I work hard.)

Then I got that beautiful, perfect card and I was won over.
I seriously didn't need a single extra thing to feel like mother's day had been celebrated.

This year's school-project card yield was only better
for being doubled.

I woke up to flowers and candy
that David planned to use
to get great pictures of the guys:

A book of beautiful photos (from Mom), and
the most vibrant of flowers (from Steve):

and last but most certainly not least,
chocolate-covered goodies (dipped by hand)
and a pound of darkest-roast gourmet coffee (not pictured)
from the adored Auntie Al:

Thank you.

Oh, the haul this year was truly awesome.
It made me feel appreciated by, and precious to,
each member of my family.

(But it was nothing compared to Chapter 2: "The Good Stuff." Stay tuned.)


Anonymous said...

:) Nice shout out to mother's day..... you made all these gifts look so beautiful in your pictures:) Serves as an awesome, one-stop thank you note. I had an awesome time with the family. Good idea on your part. Love you very much, Al

Phyllis Sommer said...

what a great haul...i'm excited to see chapter 2!:-)

don't you love those preschool teachers who come up with the great projects that just make us melt???

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