Friday, September 11, 2009

In Which I Grovel at Your Feet, Dear Readers

Twenty-two (22) days without a new post!
What was I THINKING?!?!
How could I abandon you all like that?
Stranded miles, sometimes even states away,
with no little stories about the boys!
Deprived of even new pictures, for crying out loud!!!

I'm sorry.
So very sorry.

The last few weeks have been....let's say...

pretty darn stressful


(To say the least.)

Most of my free time over the next few weeks
will be spent celebrating the Jewish High Holidays and Sukkot
with some amazing students at THE Ohio State University.

For now, I hope you'll accept my deepest apologies
and understand if I'm too exhausted
to brag about my dear ones with much frequency
for the next month or so.

And, as a preview of my favorite season, autumn,
please accept this offering of photographs
of the boys in some of their autumn hats.

IMG_6752_8x10 crop
Owl Beanie


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