Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ashi ♥s Jeni

Dear Jeni,
With your delectably complex flavors,
inspired sundae creations,
and (most especially) your Ashi-sized spoons,
you have stolen my heart.

(Visit Jeni on the web at


Phyllis Sommer said...

we had ice cream today too....he is SO yummy.

Samantha Bloom said...

Awesome post! Makes me want Jeni's right now...too bad its 12:30am....:)

Team Jeni's said...

Dear Ashi,

Thank you for the lovely little note. You just made our Monday. Hope to see you again really soon.


Ellie said...

When I was a kid there were those ice cream spoons that were flat and squarish - picked very little so your throat don't get frozen. I'm into big spoons now. It's a shame - ice cream spoon made me enjoy it longer. I have to acquire one again.
Thank you for the inspiration!

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