Friday, May 15, 2009


On a lazy early evening this week,
a bucket of vibrant sidewalk chalk
and an equally, though uniquely, vibrant sky
were just calling my boys
to sit outside
and bask in their fabulousness.

The power of those colors on the boys,
I think,
is like the power of the boys on me.
The deliciousness of their smooth skin,
their lingering baby-scents,
and the sweetness of their expressions
beg for me
to just loaf around all evening, drinking them in.

Dinnertime be damned.

To see more {colors}, although I know I'm plenty late for the party, visit Beth's blog here. (Thanks for the challenge, Beth!)


Alice said...

those last two shots are incredible! i love the pants with the chalk all over the leg and the chalk on the sidewalk - really cool angle! and the boys laying in the grass and you shooting on their level is awesome! great, great, great :O)

i have my color shots posted now. feel free to come visit and check them out. leave me a comment so i'll know you were there :O). thanks.

Easily Manipulated said...

Oh, they're so sweet!!! I agree with Alice - I'm particularly fond of the last two. I love the boys laying in the grass together. It's absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures! :) Thank God for non-toxic chalk :) Love, Auntie Al

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