Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bedtime Shema

When Asher was an only, I used to hold and rock him during bedtime prayers.
Now that we sing prayers all together in the big boy room
we've had the boys tuck up in their own beds to sing their bedtime Shema.
Our custom had been for me to sit by Ashi's bedside and rub his back while I sing.
Rami would just lay in his own crib and listen. 

A couple of weeks ago, I started to scoot over to Rami's side of the room 
and stretch one of my fingers through the bars.
He always touches one of his tiny fingertips to mine, 
and, most of the time, giggles. 
A lot.

Oh, how I love these boys. 


Anonymous said...

So Sweet. Both of your boys love listening to the bedtime shema. You are going to have to stretch in one more direction pretty soon! :) Love, Auntie Al

chasity said...

that photo is soooo sweet!

Halli said...

This is so sweet!! :)

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