Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"What to Feed Your Child Every Day": A Lesson in Futility

I love Parents magazine.

No, really.  I do. 
I think it's fun to flip through it to see just which article will make me want to throw it against a wall this month.


This month they published a very helpful spread explaining what you should be feeding your little darling every day. 
You know, so they won't turn into sugar-crazed goblins, sociopaths, or, Gd forbid, average academic performers.

See how helpful this is?
 Especially the examples of the gorgeous dishes you're supposed to use to serve your little ones?
I made lunch for the boys today, keeping in mind this oh-so-helpful advice.  Let's take a look at which healthy, delicious, and appropriately-apportioned foods I chose for my darlings:
IMG_1728 closeup textcopy

Now, let's see what they did with them:
IMG_1729 text blog copy

Well, I suppose Parents magazine told me to feed my children these foods. 
Guess it's up to me to figure out how to get the boys to actually eat them.

(Thanks for another down-to-earth, non-preachy article, Parents!
Can't wait for you to make me feel guilty and inadequate in June's issue, too.)


ME said...

Too funny! I was looking at that same feature in the issue with an eyebrow raised ;)

Phyllis Sommer said...

this is why i completely ignore the parenting magazines. except Family Fun. I'm still a fan of that one. Not that I can actually complete the crafts - for example, last month there was a whole article about recyclables as crafty things. But I would have had to buy so many things to make the craft, it didn't seem quite worth it! Especially since it was recycling of soda bottles, which we don't drink. So I would have had to buy a soda bottle. Yeah. Maybe I should quit reading that one too.

Anonymous said...

This post is TOO FUNNY! :)
It is a smidge frustrating when you make a gorgeous meal for those little guys and then they make art out of it.....which they don't eat :) Maybe you should just blend it all up and shove it in their mouths with a spoon....? What would the magazines (and their future psychologists :)) say about that? Love, Auntie AL

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