Friday, April 23, 2010

This Girl

From the very beginning of her story,
to her arrival here yesterday,

this girl, hours old, is a miracle.

In the 39 weeks that I carried her
and mere 36 hours since she has been born
her existence, and the story of her life (so far),
has richly grown the gratitude in my heart
intensified my sense of awe
and deepened my belief in the power of The Source of Life.

You will hear the whole story when, Gd willing, she recieves a name on April 29th.
For now, some scenes from her first hours on Earth:

After a causing Ima to hyperventilate with fear
scaring the BeJeezus out of everyone 
having a little bit of a difficult time with labor contractions, arriving on the scene by emergency C-section:

Meeting Ima (who only looked so calm because her face was numb from the anesthesia):
112/365 - Brand New Baby Girl

Bringing our incredible doula, Caroline, back into our lives:

Weighing in at exactly the same size as her big brother Asher at birth (minus the screaming):
IMG_1908modest copy

Looking quite a bit like Rami:

Eskimo kissing a smitten Abba:

A rare moment sitting with Ima without yelling at her to EAT!  NOW!!!

Welcome to this world, sweet girl.  
We've been waiting for you, and we're so very grateful that you're here.


ME said...

You really have a way with words LeighAnn and I can't tell you how touching and REAL this post is. I know I have said it once, twice and now THREE times...but congratulations, she is a beautiful baby and we wish you all the best on your new adventure raising and loving on a little girl :)
-Justin, Kim and Logan

Phyllis Sommer said...

beautiful!!!! mazel tov. may she bring you much nachas! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! Welcome to the world, baby girl! :) She is so so so beautiful... the pictures almost don't do her justice. We are all so happy and grateful that she made it here safe and sound. Can't wait to watch her grow. Love, Auntie Al

HSaboMilner said...

aw! she is precious as are you rambunctious gorgeous boys! Enjoy your special family. With love. Hadassah

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