Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Big Boy Room

Prepare yourselves for an admission of a serious parenting folly:
Rami slept in our bedroom for 8 (eight) months and some days.

It was out of desperation, really-
in a single room, we thought,
one crying boy would lead to a second crying boy.
If one cried out in the night,
but he was the only crying boy in the room,
only one parent would have to tend to him.

Relegated to a Pack N'Play in Abba and Ima's room,
Rami woke nearly every night
between the hours of midnight and two.
Meaning one parent lost significant sleep each night,
cuddling a restless baby by the bathroom light through the crack under the door.
But, we reasoned, one sleep-deprived parent is better than two.

So, we danced this sleep-trading dance,
(David losing more sleep than I)
night after night
for more than eight months.

On Thursday last,
I finally reached the breaking point.

I was fantasizing about sleep.
Solid, unbroken sleep.
Surrounded by blissful pitch-darkness.
When I looked at pictures of myself,
The dark circles under my eyes made me look OLD (old!)
(My vanity rivals Rami's so, as you can imagine, that was the last straw.)

We hunkered down for a lo-o-o-o-ong weekend of sleep training.
Both boys in one room or bust!
After we lit Shabbat candles all together,
we marched the boys upstairs,
dressed them in jammies,
read stories,
sang bedtime prayers,
put them in their respective cribs,
and waited for the screaming to begin.

We heard a small boy bouncing on mattress springs (a quick peek confirmed it was Rami.)
Some settling of little bodies.
A passing chatty word here or there.
And then didn't hear a peep from either until six (6:00!) the next morning.

We couldn't figure it out!
Why, after all these nights of waking,
did Rami sleep through the night
only when put in the same room as his brother?
Well, we'll never know for sure.
But when we put them in the same crib to play today
I think we found the answer -
he missed his big brother.

Sweet dreams, boys.
This is the beginning of so many adventures together.


Phyllis Sommer said...

that is great!!! my boys share a room, and i always wish that my two littles would share but it does seem like a shame to break up the little brother who adores his big brother. the little sister, however, feels so left out...some days i consider puting them all together so that no one will feel left out!:-)

Anonymous said...

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD POST!!! :) Oh my gosh... So so sweet :) They are like twins...calmer when they are next to each other. I love the video of them playing in the bed. Monkey see, monkey do :) Ram Ram will be jumping before you know it. Glad that Abba and Ima are getting some actual sleep now, too :) Love, Auntie Al

Heather said...

Oh WOW! Your boys are sooo adorable! And your blog is great too, I enjoy reading it very much. :)

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