Monday, August 3, 2009

Why I Love Rami

I've said it a hundred different ways, so very many times:


And I've told you why:
His good cheer
His belly laugh
His determination

And, it's true
These are all reasons that I love my darling smaller boy.
But the other day,
talking with David,
I realized that all these reasons that constitute my love for Rami boil down to a very distinct essence.
(Which I'll share with you now.)

First of all, Rami looks like my beshert.*
No, no, not just a slight resemblance -
he looks exactly like David.

A Favorite

But wait!
There's more:

I love Rami because, about a year and a half ago,
our family was going through a bit of a rough time,
a time of loss,
a time in which I was, it seemed, profoundly, irreparably sad.
And, just as it seemed that the despair of that loss would never stop hounding me,
I found out that Rami was on his way.

And, in those very early days,
his days of steady cell-dividing miraculousness,
as I sang him the angel song in the womb,
the hope that his existence brought me
sang me back to myself.

Every mother shares a bond with her child
and the bond between Rami and me has a very distinct tenor.
You see, it is not only that I gave him life,
it is that he also gave life back to me.


Stay tuned for the second installment in this series: "Why I love Asher."
* Meaning "destiny," "fate," or "meant to be," this word is commonly used in reference to one's soul mate.


Abigail said...

Oh, I love that child. I've never seen a baby so euphoric all the time.

Phyllis Sommer said...

what a wonderful post. so beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am tearing up at my desk.... must leave blog before bust into an ocean of tears :) Very very sweet. I love the picture where he is hugging you appears to be completely content :) Beautiful. Love, Auntie Al

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