Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last Zoo Trip of 2009

Of all things that are totally, 100% worth the cash,
I'd say that, hands-down, a zoo membership is in the top ten.

I've lost count of how many weekend days we've spent at the Columbus Zoo,
of how many sweet memories we've gathered from our time there.

The weather on this early November day

was gorgeous.

A balmy 68 degrees and sunny.

I got The Message.

Get those boys to the zoo now!

(Because next weekend it will probably be freezing. Until April.)

Since Auntie Al was up for the challenge,
she drove up for lunch
and our last big Zoo trip of 2009.

Luckily "fun Auntie Al" has no problem paying 51 cents for yet another souvenir penny
(already long lost, I might add.)

We saw ALL the monkeys at the zoo
Which allowed for some close encounters
(that left Asher terrified and Rami nonplussed)

and some helpful reminders
(for me and for the boys, respectively.)

But, after visiting monkeys, kangaroos, okapi, and even hearing a lion roar,
the best part of being at the zoo was, well,
being at the zoo.

Rami tested his walking skills
(yeah, yeah, I'm posting a video soon)
with the help of his brother

and on his own.

We got lucky and saw our friends Tovah and Avital
and Asher shared his raisins.

Asher entertained Rami with some surprisingly realistic lion roars.


All in all, a really good day.


Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME POST! Almost as good as actually being with the boys at the zoo! :) Auntie Al is up for the zoo no matter what the weather is like :) Love this post! Love, Auntie AL

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