Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Are You Hoping for a Girl?"

We have two beautiful, happy, delicious little boys.
So, when my belly started to swell
and the news of this new little one started to get around,
right after the "B'sha'ah Tovah!" often came inquiries like:

"Are you hoping for a girl?"
"Were you trying for a girl?"
"Don't you want just one baby girl?"

"It really doesn't matter," I'd reply, grinning.
I love my boys.
A girl would be wonderful, to be sure.
But my world would be complete if I had a dozen children
and all turned out to be boys.

Truthfully, at the heart of the matter, is this:
we have learned (fortunately and unfortunately) to consider every healthy pregnancy
a miracle from G-d.

So, there are a lot of things I hoped for this child.
I hoped for health.
I hoped for contentment.
I hoped for loving family and friends.
I hoped for a peaceful life.
But never once - not once - did I honestly hope for a specific gender.

(But! This does not preclude my obsession with ultrasounds,
and catching a glimpse of babies-on-the-way as much as possible.
Or my desire to know every little detail about baby.)

Yesterday, my parents, Auntie Amanda and Uncle Steve, and Gram
volunteered to take the boys out for a day of fun
so that David and I could spend some time together.

My thoughtful and generous husband booked us a mini 3-D scan.
As we watched a tiny heart pumping, legs flexing, fingers grasping,
we marveled.

As we looked at this new little one's tiny face,
every hope we've had for each of our children
was fervently renewed.

So, as things progress (G-d willing,)
we'll continue to marvel and to give thanks,
to hope and to pray
for health, contentment, love and peace,
for this baby,
this daughter,
this sister,
this girl.


Phyllis Sommer said...


having 2 boys followed by a girl, let me tell you ... life will never be the same:-)

b'sha'ah tova!!!

ELLE said...

leigh ann! this is so exciting! mazel tov =)

Anonymous said...

A BABY GIRL!!:) Ashi and Rami are going to be so excited to have a sister to take care of!!! WE ARE SOOOOO EXCITED for the new addition! What a surprise :) I was acting like I doubted your mommy-gut that told you it was a boy. But, in all actuality, I thought your mommy intuition was right. I cannot wait! Now I have to learn how to say my niece and nephews:) Love, Auntie Al

Anonymous said...

B'sha'ah tovah!!!! Feel well :)

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