Friday, February 5, 2010

It Might Not Look Like He's Playing Hide-and-Seek...


But he is.

Rami's never quite gotten "hide-and-seek."

When you say, "Where's Rami?"
he puts his hands, or his spoons, or his blankie, on the side of his head.
Or the top.

He thinks you can't see him,
and he likes to watch your face while you "search" for him.


He pulls the hidey-things away from his face with such delighted flair,
the seeker is so charmed,
and Rami gives such a nice hearty laugh,
that it doesn't really matter if he knows exactly how to play the game.

Plus, that crooked smile is to die for.


Anonymous said...

So CUTE! It's because he can't take his eyes off of you. I would do basically anything to see that crooked smile! :) Love, Auntie Al

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