Sunday, June 7, 2009

In Which Ima Has No Shame

I went to drastic measures to get this family picture.
Whoever figures out what Photoshopping I did first wins a pint of Jeni's. Just leave a comment.

(No, I'm absolutely not kidding. How's that for my first giveaway?)

Family photo

(Yeah, I'll post the whole sordid tale later. For now I want to test your eyes.)


Anonymous said...

First off, this is an absolutely GORGEOUS family picture!
Second, is it Ashi's eyes??? For some reason they look greener to me? Maybe not?

Abigail said...

Were you and Rami photoshopped in with David and Rami? That's just a guess. Whatever it is, it looks great!

ELLE said...

what an excellent kopans family photo!

my photoshop guess is that you put in that background.

also i'm glad you're info says "My Canon Rebel XT does not shoot really nice pictures - I do."

Phyllis Sommer said...

gorgeous photo. i wish i could tell what you did but i CAN'T!!!!!

Loving Logie said...

Was it Asher's head? Sounds funny to say, lol.
Great picture, very cute :)

Anonymous said...

Did you put a different David-head on David's body?

P.S. This picture is B-E-A-utiful!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Caroline! Something about David's head looks... off, no offense to David of course.

Love, Alison R

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