Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The father who would taste the essence of his fatherhood
must turn back from the plane of his experience,
take with him the fruits of his journey,

and begin again beside his child,
marching step by step over the same old road.
~Angelo Patri

A favorite.


To see the whole Father's Day set, click here.
Father's Day means summer is really, really here! Check out some more sweet summer photography at the Summer Stock Photography Challenge on Robin's Blog, "Around the Island."


Phyllis Sommer said...

aww...too cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome blog post. Very sweet. A very nice homage to what an awesome daddy David is... You should frame these pictures for him so he can take them to the office or something. Really nice job. love, Auntie Al

Anonymous said...

I love the picture where ashi is on Davids shoulders and David is holding Rami. You must have put on some show to get all three to smile at the same time :)
Love, Auntie Al

kaye said...

too cute. hope his father's day was nice. this weeks summer stock photo can be seen here

Robin said...

What a sweet series. It's obvious there's a lot of love in your family.

Shelle said...

These are beautiful photos and to have them for Father's Day is extra sweet.

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