Friday, April 17, 2009

Passover 5769: Epilogue

One amazing thing about Passover is that it offers a respite from the daily grind, usually when it is desperately needed.
Two days of that whole "no-work" thing in the middle of two consecutive weeks proved, once again, to be a breath of fresh air.
After a morning where nothing was accomplished except the all important Breakfast and Naptime, the boys and I enjoyed a delicious holiday lunch (made all the more delicious because I didn't have to cook it) with some fabulous Buckeyes, and returned home for a full afternoon of nothing-much-at-all planned.

As I deposited armfuls of stuff just inside the door, my ears were alerted to a suddenly whiny boy.
Asher's arm poked insistently back toward the door. "Osside!"

Outside was wet. And muddy. And chilly. And misting. Did I mention wet?

Hoping to preserve the dignity of my hair and the cleanliness of our floors (both leaving much to be desired in the first place,) I tried to direct Asher toward pursuits of the less-wet-and-muddy variety. "Asher, look! Wouldn't you like to play with your animals? Or your cars?"

A tiny foot was stamped, the level of whine increased, and the arm continued to jab at the door.
"OssIDE! OSS-IDE!!!"

Clearly I suffered some mental deficiency that prevented me from seeing the clear need to be outside.

Or I was just plain mean.
Or profoundly un-fun.
I glanced at Rami, solidly snoozing, despite the ruckus, in his car seat. This didn't help my cause.

Asher's pleading eyes remained fixed on mine.
So, outside we went.

The work involved mostly finding pinecones and throwing them.

Occasionally, the soccer ball was carried and deposited elsewhere.

Then, of course, we had to run up hills and back down again.

Which caused a tumble, which caused dirty hands, which abruptly ended Asher's fun.

Both Ima and boy were now thoroughly sodden and muddied.
A good time was had by all (including Rami, who enjoyed an unusually quiet nap.)
Yes, Asher. That was a great idea.


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