Wednesday, April 22, 2009


"You will only expect a few words - what will those be?
When the heart is full it may run over,
but the real fullness stays within.
Words can never tell you -
however, form them, transform them anyway -
how perfectly dear you are to me
perfectly dear to my heart and soul.
~From Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 12 September 1846

On Tuesday nights, I get to lead a dinnertime Jewish text study at Hillel.
(Jewish wisdom studied - and continued - by the brightest of students. Amazing.)
Consequently, my very late arrival at our humble abode
occurs as an endcap to David's very long day,
after Asher's bedtime,
and at the end of Rami's rope.

In our family's division of labor,
I am generally in charge
of the food in our bellies
and the prayers on our lips.

So, in my absence, a Tuesday letter is left
alongside a slow-cooker dinner

to remind the men in my life
that these things have not been forgotten.

The content remains mostly the same week after week:

"Hello my loves -
Asher: I hope you had a fun day. Please do not forget to say your Shema. I love you.
Rami: I hope you had a good day. I will be home soon for snuggles and love. Please be good to Abba in the meantime. I love you.
David: Dinner is in the slow cooker. I love you like coffee in the morning (or alternate similie.)"

These letters are written in a bound book,
page after page repetitive from week to week,
not because the instruction is needed
or because my return is uncertain
or because my love for the guys is unknown to them

but because the letter represents
the part of my heart that waits for them at home
on nights when I do not.

(Check out more letters here.)


keli.h said...

What a beautiful post & corresponding image. Wow. So thought-provoking.

Stillmary said...

Very poetic and beautiful.

Stacie's Madness said...

beautiful post and totally CAPTURED letters!

Anonymous said...

Very unique.

Thanks for the fun
Swing on by my site and see mine too!

The IE Mommy

Erin said...

I really adore those. I love that you write the little notes in a bound book so they are never lost.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...


Hayley said...

This was a really beautiful post. How special that you remind your family regularly what they already know, I am sure. Your picture is a fantastic capture as well.

Alice said...

what an awesome thing to do to let the guys in your life know you love them and are thinking of them! excellent! this is by far the best take i've seen on 'letter's today so far! your photo is an excellent capture as well. thanks for sharing this with us!

i have my you capture post up now, so come on by The Shadow of the Cross and check it out. i'd love to have you visit :O).

Easily Manipulated said...

Wow...You are so romantic and poetic and inspirational and...fabulous! The men in your life are so lucky to have you. Great photo and what a wonderful way to show it.

DALewis said...

What a unique, fantastic post. Love the angle of your "letters" photo.

Ima said...

You are so special, you must know that. Only now do I know what it entails and how amazing you are for managing it all and being as amazing as you are still.

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