Sunday, January 4, 2009


shidduch (n. SHID-uhkh)

an arranged marriage; a "match"

shadchan (n. SHOHD-chuhn)
anyone who brings together, introduces, or otherwise maneuvers a couple into a meeting that results in a wedding.
God is considered the supreme shadchan...So every shadchan considers himself charged with a quasi-divine mission, and almost every Jew is an amateur but permanent shadchan.*
Since we started this whole child-rearing endeavor, we have known that someday, God willing, our children will get married. The only thing this is sure to bring us is holidays spent with in-laws, which has the potential to miserable or delightful. We decided to get a jump on making it as delightful as possible
(because, seriously, Passover seder is a L-O-N-G meal to spend with folks you really don't like.)

Meet Nevoh. We are great friends with her parents. We love them dearly. We would like nothing better than to eat brisket with them every Rosh HaShanah. She is first in line to pick whichever of the boys she wants.
Isn't she lovely?

Why do we expect the boys (and, for that matter, Nevoh) to listen to us and get married to the person of our choice?***
1. I (and Nevoh's Ima) gave them life.
(that's pretty much the best reason anyone could have, so I'll leave it at that.)
* Rosten's The Joys of Yiddish. (Old school version.)
*** Of course, we'll love them no matter who they marry. But really, is it so much to ask?


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