Sunday, July 12, 2009

That's What an Abba is For

Attention all little kids everywhere:

If your Shabbos schluffie* should be interrupted (much too early)

by a thunder storm (an unreasonably loud one, if you ask me,)

It’s okay if you need your Abba to retrieve you for cuddles and love,

IMG_3932 copy


And if you need him to convince Ima to let you have Shabbat lunch while lying on the couch.


Later on, you might need your Abba to put some band-aids on your knees (even though you have no injuries to speak of,)


Or to hold your ice cream cone for you (even though you are perfectly capable of doing that for yourself.)


It’s even okay to insist that he hold you on his lap, (even though he already has his hands full with another squirming boy.)


It’s okay – really.

(After all, your Shabbos schluffie was ruined!)

And isn’t that what an Abba is for?


*Shabbos Schluffie (SHAHB-uhss SCHLUHFF-ee), n. A particularly luxurious kind of nap, instigated by extreme sleepiness which is mysteriously un-preceded by the low level of exertion characteristic of a Saturday morning. As schluffies go, it is the best kind, owing to the unspecified wake-up time in combination with the promise of delicious Shabbat food upon waking.


Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post. That is what Abbas are for. I love the bandaids eventhough there's no scrapes and I love the matching shirts when both of the boys are on David's lap. Very very sweet. Aren't we all like this when our naps are disrupted? Love, Auntie Al

Samantha Bloom said...

Is that a Jeni's ice cream cone I see? Miss you Kopans clan!!


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