Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Knock Me a Kiss

The scene:
A weekday morning, in the calm before the daily storm. A boy is sitting on the couch, cup of cheerios in one hand, milk in the other. His little body is bastioned with blankets, in which he takes particular comfort and delight -
(a trait inherited from his Ima.)

He looks up, expectantly, with lips puckered.

A parent's heart sings,

"He wants a kiss! From me!

After carrying him for nine months,
sitting up through sleepless nights,

enduring snotty noses and temper tantrums,
here at long last I gaze upon
his appreciation of my tenderness for him!
And his return of that love!

O, bliss!"

Bending down to return this sweet kiss,
the parent is suddenly confused.

The boy shakes his head, now puckering more emphatically.
The puckerer pauses to insist, "Fees!"

He wants me to make a fish face.

Oh, well. That's pretty cute too.


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