Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ima's new camera!

Saba bought Ima a new camera for her birthday, so she has officially turned into a "mamarazzi." Today, she managed to get some pretty good shots of Asher's new black eye, which he got by trying to use an open door to stand up and falling into the doorpost. Ouch! You know what we say around here, though..."The bigger the boy, the bigger the bump...."

Ima can't resist the baby feet...

Ashi LOVES his learning puppy - thanks Savta!

Cuddled up after a much-needed nap with Ima and Abba

Beautiful eyes.

A silly little smile for Abba.

Contemplating something in the Wissahickon

Enjoying bubbles

Playing with his choo choo - thanks Auntie Al!

Examining wheels with Abba.


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